Ummmmm, I don't think it's for anybody!

 What a dirty, dirty guuuurrrrrlll anon is! Throw back a few drinks and this one is ready for anything! But, it looks like she got, ahem, more than she bargained for! Ladies, I present to you......... Fisting.

                                   YOURS TRULY,

 Of course it hurts you tardball! 

 Damn! Is this common practice these days? A guy just assumes he can jam a few fingers into a small hole without a reaction? 

 And yes, there's always one with advice. She does it from time to time. (Eyeroll)

 She set her glitter heel down on that idea!

 Bow chicka bow wow!!! So you don't mind an entire hand in your vag, but doggy style? Fuck that! Or, sorry, no way!

 Her hubs must be a gladiator! He got knucks deep, y'all!

 Ummmmm, currently, my vag is ripping. This sounds effin painful!!

 She's a freak bitch baby! And the tmi, ewwwwwww! Good thing you're anon!

 So wait. Does this mean he's huge and can't get it in? Or does it mean that you're super loose and shit falls out?

 Either way, this is the grossest post of the week!


  1. We need to be able to post GIFS, LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Who doesn't love a high five to the cervix?!

  3. Well that's fucking disgusting!

  4. Wow. I have really been away too

  5. Meh, fisting can be great if it's done slowly and correctly. You can't just cram your hand up a snatch and go crazy. It's like anal, you have to do it right lol. I'm sure I'll get all kinds of nasty comments, but it's true :)

    1. There's a lot of hardcore vanilla in this room, anon. Back away slowly.