Rumors and stuff

All my children are safe and sound.

I do not know who started a rumor saying that my youngest had drowned, but it is false.

It seems to have started here in the comments and people just ran with it. It's obvious you can't be trusted with open commenting so approval is back on.

The blog will be on hiatus until at least August.

the_dude speaks

Sorry for your loss, dude.

-Lady K

I'm surprised it took this long

...for her trainwreck of a life to make it to this site.

Let's take a closer look at the user's screen name who submitted this shot:

-Lady K

The Jessie Files

-Lady K

So how's DOE been doing these days?

Oh. Still a whore and blabbing her personal business with HOIR.

-Lady K

Someone's been naughty.

The.Last.Rebel aka 4fam aka Megan

-Lady K

Poop. Literally

Accessories added by PC

"Bitches be trollin'."

-Lady K


What is this fuckery?

Perhaps this has something to do with it? 

Meanwhile, in DI:

Please feel free to fill the holes of this puzzle within the comments.

-Lady K