Super, Giant Hot Mess Express: eadyT

 HOLY SHIT! Does the stoopit ever stop with this chick? I mean, maybe she's just generally, ummmmm, how shall I word this, uhhhhhh....simple. Yeah. Let's go with simple. In just a few short days, eadyT has managed to make a name for herself. Pissing off the likes of thetrollcat and theboyfactory, eadyT just doesn't get how modern forums work. She has a bachelors, errr associates, errrr, let's just say she claims to be educated. Ok, sure. She's well versed in the English language, sorta. She kinda knows German, er nah. She likes to give advice with her, ummmm, industrial pyschology degree (for those unaware of this University of Phoenix specialty, she's a glorified Human Resourses Assistant.). This degree completely disqualifies her from diagnosing and treating anyone whom she deems, uhhhh, of less intellegence than herself. If that's even possible.

 Ladies, I'm hesitant to introduce to you, this weeks Hot Mess Express.......eadyT.

                              YOURS TRULY,


 *Lunatic, but, we'll let this anon slide. She did a great job explaining the new anon system, to most of us.

 Sadly, this issue will be eadyTs constant reminder.

 Yep, she be insane!

 Her college degree is in BABY Psychology? The fuck???

 What????? I thought this chick was trained to help babies? Isn't that what a BABY pyschologist is?

 Sorry, but, it's much too late for that badge! She's a step ahead!

 Serious as a BABY psychologist!


 Oooooh! She's an INDUSTRIAL psychologist!

 Definition of DAFT: foolish, silly. This does not fit. Pretty sure she got this one from HandMmom12, though.


 Ultimate insult: Choke on your hand! That's a new one!!


 That makes two of you dipshit!

 This is ANON 40, aka eadyT, attempting to debate the definition of skilled. 

 What do fucking socks have to do with this chick?


 Ain't that sumpin? Stupid IS, as stupid does!! 

 Anon issues again!

 I think we're all wondering the exact same mutha fucking thing!

 FORESHADOWING: seeing something before it actually happens......interesting.

 Are you sure? And what the fuckeryness is OHRAH? Surely something she learned with her Industrial Psychology degree!!!

  The gene pool is in revolution here! There is no gravity to the stoopid this lady is! 


  1. Hot. Ass. Fucking. Mess. I was gone all day yesterday except a few pop ins so I missed most of it, but caught up this morning. Hilarious and a great read.

  2. Why are all of your SS so tiny? Even when enlarged, it's impossible to read some of them.

  3. I can't read the screenshots. They're tiny and super blurry :(

    1. Sorry about the SS ladies! I'll be working on them for future stories! Keeping the bitches happy and laughing is my goal! Thanks for letting me know! You ladies rock!

  4. OH MY GENTLE JESUS! I had an encounter with this poor dim creature last night (in the do you hate poor people post), and I honestly do not believe that I've ever seen anyone so dumb before O.o It was incredibly painful to try to have a dialogue with her.