Saturday Night Spotlight: HAPPYDANCER

Holy nutjob Batman, with this one!
Gathered from eight pages of posts made, we can be assured we know slightly more than we would like to about this member.
She's all over the place with her random posts about babies, Jesus, and pot.
While I suspect that perhaps she's on something a tad stronger than the chronic, the chicks got crazy written all over her in seven different languages.

Da Faq is giggle stick people?

 Yes. Yes you certainly are.....
Ok, So yeah, this doesn't seem bad, right? Just wait. Keep this little image tucked away, for now.
Just love your insight on the dating scene.

Dear God! The fucking stupid! It hurts soooo bad!
Ummmmm, disgustingly nasty! I wasn't aware trying on underwear was even an option.

Apparently, pot makes it all fall in to place.....

Silly, little nutjob! Stalkings for kids!

Please do not show us!!!!!
Some classic responses:

Farting? What is the chick twelve or something? Sweet baby jeebus!
The deleted scenes!
(if anyone has screenshots of any of these deleted posts, please email me!)

Here's the cherry on top, people! Remember those undies?

Yours truly,




















  1. First of all is that a picture of her? I seriously thought this was spongebong, Anonymous- pennerb, handcandy, so on and so on. Pennerb looks nothing like that.

    Secondly, to find those deleted posts, Google the title.
    Then, once the title pops up, directy underneath there is a small inverted triangle; click that triangle. You should find a cached link to the post. You will only be able to see the first page.
    Sometimes it is easier to find if you add 'cafemom' after the title. This only works on a computer. You're welcome.

    Great job on this crazy basket case.

  2. Some people shouldn't be online unsupervised! LOL!

  3. She is such a whackjob. And old, too! What's with all these crazy old bats on this site?

    Is happy dancer spongebong? She seemed to show up pretty quickly after spongebong disappeared.

    1. She came on recently after Handcandy. Handcandy, Spongebong, Anonymous-, and pennerB were all the same person. This person seems like her, but that picture doesn't match. PennerB/Spongebong ETC ETC is much younger than that person.

      Aside from that, older women are on the site because they are mothers too. There are many grandma's too, I don't see the issue with that.

  4. Is that really her? Omg that is one ugly chick!

  5. oh! wow.....smdh. that was just too much.

  6. Too old to troll!