Selfie Sunday Bitches!

It's Selfie Sunday Bitches! And we have ourselves a new piece of eye candy! Enjoy!
Yours Truly,

WHAT THE &@%#!!



Yep. Poison went there. Best comparison of the post fo sho!
Now this just explains it all!
Happy Easter Bitches!


  1. OF COURSE she's a juggalette


  3. what's sad is that I know a girl who puckers her lips exactly like that in every one of her photos. It's just horrible

  4. i saw that post earlier and was scared shitless

  5. I don't understand, if you are ugy, why would you make it worse with horrible makeup?

  6. She looks like that Jocelyn Wildenstein chick.

  7. It's seriously sad and pathetic That she claims the title of Juggalette. Sadly you will all see her as a representation of us all. For those few of you that are somewhat open minded, please believe me when I say she is NOT what we are about, let alone what we look like. I doubt she'll ever see this, but to the female that made this post originally, please grow up, and learn what a Juggalette truly is. All you're doing is proving the stereotypes of us true, and in the worst way possible.

    And from a gun enthusiast/family of gun enthusiast's, PUT THE GUN AWAY! IT IS NOT A DAMN TOY! What the hell are you going to do when your kids see that photo and think it's perfectly okay to play with guns and blow their own brains out?!

    1. Honestly, I grew up around a lot of juggalettes and juggalos and this is unfortunately pretty accurate for most. Not all, but most.

    2. I've known quite a few "juggalos" and every single one of them were trailer park trash, overweight, and love to drink. So anon @3:01, I'm pretty sure YOU are the exception to the rule, not her. It's great that you seem mostly normal, but that is not how most juggalos are

  8. Omg....I'm going to have nightmares.

  9. juggalette
    A juggalette is a morbidly obese and/or borderline-retarded teenage girl who has zero friends other than fellow Clown Syndrome patients and listens to the Insane Clown Posse religiously. They come from a usually poor background (reason why they pretend to be tough) most of which becoming pregnant by the time they are 17 after drinking faygo and pretending to be drunk. They typically have worst-case-scenario acne and have an outer layer of lard around the brain that slows even the most basic cognitive ability, usually their love life does not exist beyond internet cybersex with juggalos.

    Normal person: Wow, look another ICP fan.
    Normal person 2: Yeah, wait thats a "juggalette".
    Juggalette: iz iz down wit da clownz
    Normal person: What the fuck is that stench??
    Normal person 2: THATS SWAMP CROTCH.. NOOOO!.