Supa-Star Saturday!!! Elyce225

Yeah...I learned some pretty disturbing stuff looking this one up.....WTF is all I can say!
Valid question here, Why?


 Not too bad....But the after has totally changed my mind...


 What's with the shoelace?

Disclaimer: No umbrellas were harmed in the process of this horrible shaving experience.

First Amendment Peeps! Everyone gets it!
Now, it's 'bout to get fucked up in da club, bishes!
(Yes, I watched that video...I spent three hours rocking myself in a corner, sucking my thumb and asking for my mommy. I will not inflict such pain on the rest of you. You're welcome!)
And apparently, I'm not the only one scarred for life. So sorry gurrrrl!
Bish! Who wouldn't? What man wouldn't want a cheap glitter rhinestone stuck in his teeth?!
Anal Fissures anyone?
Somebody out there must have some experience with this....
And.....Here they are!
Have we found the elusive kitten masturbator?
Nipples anyone?
Drum roll please...............
You bishes ready? Are ya ready??
Hile Hilter!!!
(I shall now retreat back to my corner to suck my thumb.)
(No, but really, I'm 'bout to bedazzle my vag!)





  1. Ugh that bitch is nasty and lies about her life like whorehead no wonder they are good friends.

  2. You didn't even begin to touch on her claim to be a CRNA...which it has been posted several times that there is absolutely no record of her being listed as one.

  3. What about her claims of tremendous wealth? Her two massive homes, which were proven to be lies. She's worse than area code.

  4. Holy hell! She suffers from guano psychosis. I've always had my suspicions that she was a little off.

  5. There's also her self righteous attitude about how she's so wealthy, and they own like three homes, but someone found a pic of their home and it was a duplex... she's a bald ass ho

  6. That does not in any way, shape, or form look like Carol's hair from The Walking Dead O_o What a loon

  7. She's such a crazy troll. She was telling some story yesterday about marrying her husband only a few weeks after they met, when she was a single mom. I'm surprised her ugly crazy behind got two men stupid enough to marry her. She's so gross and weird

  8. I would never put her in the same category as the kitten masturbation poster. The originals of that are no longer on CM with their original SN's. They've had new ones since before the glitch :)

  9. Hmmmmm, she "cuts" her own hair, loves bedazzled vaginas, and may just be a member of the Westboro church....

  10. Replies
    1. Yes! Please do! She's a vile bag of skankdom.

    2. There is certainly enough material on her to do another part!

  11. She is also ruthless when it comes to other women's looks. She has no problem calling someone fat, making fun of them for being fat, or making fun of someone for being ugly.

  12. I had to run a spell check on this post.

  13. She is so far up foreheads butt that she has a perpetual stench of crap surrounding her.
    She is the first to jump up and say everyone is jealous if they don't think whore is gorgeous and think that if you don't want to argue with her crazy, nonsensical ass that you must not be intelligent.
    I call her E-Liar because if she is typing, she is lying!

  14. What the fuck. Some women should never shave their head. I rocked that look, but she looks like Britney.