Opening Winter 2014! Batches of Snatches!

Poles and Holes, Wobbly Lady Bits, Don't Hassle our Tassel,
We Like a Tasty Pasty, Where Real Men Go For Wood, Chix for Dix,
Yep! You got it! Let's read up on strip clubs kids!
Personally, I'm like whatev....
Are you asking us if you have a problem with chicks on poles?
Isn't it fair to say that any job strips us of our dignities?
At least a hoe is bringin' home the dough!
You've worked at Poles and Holes? Fucking Awesome!
Have you been to a Gentlemens Club? I heard those were pretty dip darn classy!
You gotta get your punch card filled up for one of those!
This ones for you gurrrrrlfriend!
In my parts, that call that Date Night!
This one is gonna make ya holla for a dolla yo!


  1. No I did not work at Poles and Holes, thank you very much. It was called Jennifer's Big Apple! Lol

  2. Omg I'm on the throne!