Ask Me: ...pickles

Do you enjoy a good pickle? I suppose.

Do you like sweet or sour ones?  Sour. Sweet is gross. Do you hear that Wendy's?? I don't want no nasty sweet pickles on my burgers!

What is your favorite brand?  The one with the yellow lid and the green label.

 Chips, spears, or whole? Spears

By themselves or paired with another food item? Which one? Mostly with burgers.


  1. I thought this blog was supposed to be about CM and not all about you?

    1. CafeMom sucks right now, though.

    2. It's her blog she can post whatever the hell she wants.
      Should she just ignore questions? No because then you'd be bitching about that.

  2. You guys are slacking, hahaha. Where are all the juicy posts and replies? Have you tried going to or joining new groups to get some new material to post? I came here because MC has dead for a week or so now