mc: Piog. Omg I found my OLLLLD phone with my pics from Katrina!

Piog. Omg I found my OLLLLD phone with my pics from Katrina!

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on Jul. 16, 2012 at 1:50 PM
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Wow I haven't seen these in forever! This pic was taken by my step mom as we were trying to leave. This was my front yard. In the pic is me ( in the red pants and long white shirt), my baby sis and my disabled aunts care taker ( well, her butt anyways lol)

I am on an incline. I am standing in water that is just above my knees. That's why I look so short. Not to mention I was 5'0 in this pic.
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Platinum Memberon Jul. 16, 2012 at 1:51 PM

This is the van we were trying to leave in  

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Well you can f*** off!!!

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I don't know or care. All I'm saying is there is no way that's a 16 year old.
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Ok so I just have pics of some random person on my old ass phone???

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Yeah, I don't buy it. 
You don't look 15 or 16. You're about as tall as my 9 year-old cousin.

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Lots of reasons. The main one was lack of money. It cost money for gas, hotels, etc etc and we just didn't have it. My aunt was another reason. She is in a wheelchair and completley dependent. Wears diapers, can't feed herself, etc. another reason is my sister. She is very VERY sick. My parents are always scared to go far from her hospital. She has a very rare condition that only a handful of doctors in the world can treat. Also both of my parents jobs threatened to fire them if they left. And yes of course we thought it would be just another storm

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What made your family wait so long?
Because of your disabled aunt? Or because, like many others, you felt that the hurricane would be like most others and simply ride it out?
Katrina happened on my 31st birthday. It was just so upsetting and unreal; even those of us up in the northern part of the country mourned along with you.

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It was thigh high when we tried to leave. The van didn't make it very far and we ended up having to abandon it and wade through waist high water until we got to some shallow areas and got rides out

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We evacuated for the storm. How deep did the water rise before you all got out?


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