MC: My poor, poor baby! :'( edit with backstory

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on Jul. 17, 2012 at 1:28 PM
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He pulled the suitcase out of the closet and started trying to drag it out of the room and said "go home, mommy?"

I tell him no baby. We can't go home right now. This is our new home for a while.

He sits down on the floor and burried his little face in his hands and said "mommy. I need bandaids"

I said "what hurts baby?"

He looks up at me with the saddest little face and says "my heart"!


My dh is stationed in California. I have some health problems that was causing him to miss a lot of work and he got behind in training. I can't drive because of spasms I get in my legs. I have a lot of dr appts I have to go to. We decided it would be best if me and the kids moved back home for a while so that dh could concentrate on work and get caught back up and my family could help me with my kids an my health issues. We will be going back to California after I have my surgery and my dh gets his career back on track.

Yes I go out occasionally. If I go out its after my kids are asleep. I do not neglect my children. I used to NEVER go out but since I've been home I've had a lot of people I want to see who I haven't seen in forever. It's not like I'm bed ridden and disabled. If I chose to go out for a couple hours, yes it will cause me extra pain but I'm grown up and I am making that descision. Im the only person it would effect.

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Till november :/

Quoting fraujones:

Poor baby. How much longer do you have to stay?

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Not quite but I'm not gettin into that

Quoting Anonymous:

Just your imaginary first Dh

Quoting 504bbymami:

My dh is not abusive

Quoting Anonymous:

I got so sick of seeing these posts so I finally checked out the blog.

the husband is military and an abuser? Isn't that reportable even beyond the police?

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It was much more than that. My dr office was an hour away. I had to go at least twice a week. I also needed help with my kids after the appts because i either needed to rest after the physical therapy or I was groggy and coming off of the sedation. I also need help with things with the kids. Bending and lifting anything really is bad for me so I need help with bathing them and things like that.

I was evaluated and qualified for in home care but I didn't want a stranger coming in and doing all this. Plus it just all was putting too much on my dh. Coming home was the best option.

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Why cant you get a freind in cali or one of the other wives to drive you to doc appts?

Quoting 504bbymami:

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. You're completly ignorant. I legally can't drive because my leg spasms make it too dangerous.

Quoting Anonymous:

I think if you're well enough to go out and party, you're well enough to drive your ass to the dr.. Grow up and stop acting so trashy.


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