Guess who's back

Back again.

Tell a friend.

So we have a lot of things planned for the near future, but right now we are going to kick off our Back To Blog with another contest!

Dust off your trolling skills, the theme for this contest is:

  Back To School.

We have 3 categories for you to enter, please only choose one.

Most Believable


The Most Special Snowflake That Ever Snowflaked

The prize for each category is a $5 gift card code to


  • You must send a screenshot of your post, with the edit button clearly shown. Please also include a link. (  )
  • You can post anon.
  • You do not have to share you screen name with us.
  • No personal information from you is required. 
  • Your email must be valid, as in, we must be able to reply to you. This is also how you will receive your prize if you win.  
  • 1 entry per person.
  • You can enter as soon as you make the post, if you wish, but you will only qualify to win after your post has reached 50 replies, with NO BUMPS!
  • Contest starts now and ends August 31, Noon EST. All entries must be received by then. 

How Winners Will Be Chosen:

Each Throne Admin will choose their favorite post in each category, then a poll will be posted on the blog and readers will vote on the winner!


  1. I'm so excited!!! My entry for the last contest was pretty popular, now, what can I come up with? I'm leaning towards the snowflake category, hmm...

  2. Thank god you're back!

  3. Pretty much every school post I'm assuming it's a troll

  4. So, we can't bump at all? Not even to get it going?

  5. If it takes more than ten bumps to get it going, you need to try sumpin' else!

    1. Yeah, but it says no bumps at all.