This Girls got a teeeeennnny tiiiinnnny issue to, ahem, overcome.

Last nights heated questions,
Could you? Would you? How does this work?
Should I?
You be the judge....

Famous little people who could be animals in the sack:
Peter Dinklage- sexy goth love
He Pingping- record breaking love
Verne Troyer- shaggtasic
Matt Roloff- dudes available
Warwick Davis- crazy leprechaun love
Kenny Baker- robotic love
Dr. Ruth- knows all about love
Wee Man- jackhammer, errr, ass love
Deep Roy- oompa love
Danny DeVito- slightly over the height limit love
Chewy- right hand Mexi love
Hornswoggle- dropkick love
Joe C- sidekick rappin' love

Yours truly,


  1. well... maybe hes not little everywhere? personally i wouldnt date a little person... but i'm 6'2

  2. MATT ROLOFF>>>STFU bwhahahahaha

  3. Is Dr. Ruth really? I had no idea.