The Best Birthday in like, forever!

Some people just don't get it.
You add a friend to the celebratory mix, and a year later, Maury is saying Joe
of your little Bosley Doolittle.
Yep, don't do it is the best advice, however, it does make good fodder. Troll or not, I hope this begins the revitalization of CM!
Yours Truly,
                       Ummmmmmm, no thanks. Said no man ever when asked if they wanted a birthday pork fest with two chicks.

That is sooooo last year, Stacey! Sooooo last year!

That's your only rule?
It'll be coming! Who wants to start a pool with me?
Till someone gets a crab in the eye....

Cuz, foursums are def less a trainwreck but def more fair!
Equal pokes for both da folks!

Yeah, like, totes go with disease ridden whore. Better alternative and safer!
It's like picking organic fruit.


  1. I tried to get my husband to have a 3some with a gorgeous friend of mine once. he kicked her out of the house and threatened to divorce me if i ever talked to her again :-/