Exposed. In more ways than one. *update x2*

Riiiiight. Because using mirror selfies, microsoft paint, and and a free web-hosting website totally equates to "mega $$".

Blog Posts from her website:


Note the right hand side- "after deciding to return to my former profession, and getting my husbands approval & permission, (LOVE him!!! best hubby ever!! xoxox) it wasn't long before the ball was rolling."

Not only are you a whore, but you are a pussy reporter too.


Update: She is deleting her screenname. Big surprise.
                  Read below message from bottom to top.


March 12 2014 4:51 PM
Friend Invite
RE: portia, thats bullshit


 what the fuck is wrong with you people?
sick. sick the lengths you guys will go to, just sick.
i asked to have my account deleted its only a matter of time now.
nice knowing you guys

PortiaRose wrote on March 12 2014 6:35 PM

 nah, its gone dude. cm gods helped with that.

D.O.E. wrote on March 12 2014 3:23 PM

the fuck so you are going to leave all my shit up and out there for all to see and i cant say a word otherwiseÉ fuck this.
fuck cafemom
fuck females
fuck life
fuck you guys
PortiaRose wrote on March 12 2014 6:21 PM

 well, baby you know you gotta go. sorry this has been such a messy ending.
youre cute.

D.O.E. wrote on March 12 2014 3:17 PM

 1) fake reviews 2) girls texting or calling sending me on fake calls 3) i have stalkers. male stalkers. thank you for allowing my working name to be associated with who i am as a MOTHER by allowing this you are putting myself and my children at risk 4) my town house and children and even dog are all over cm, now my ad will be linked to cm and my sn and guess whos gonna be super easy for any old psycho to findÉ me and my kids.
do you understand. m----- and corri are not the same person. the two lives do not mix.
i have already reported this to cm and if i have to contact my lawyer i will, this isnt funny portia.
and im not even there to do damage control. fuck. now i have to shut down my website and all my ads and do you know how much that advertising costs me...ugh

PortiaRose wrote on March 12 2014 6:11 PM

 rebrand?? why?
and i like you but i cant play favorties. if i did this group would go downhill.

D.O.E. wrote on March 12 2014 3:06 PM

you guys shouldnt mess with peoples real lives its one thing if im saying somthing its another thing when someone posts your business info online.
not fucking funny. now im going to have to rebrand. fucks sakes new phones everything.
so not cool

Pity Party for One. I highly doubt your dying father in law is reading the throne or even merely concerned with his whore of a DIL's "business".

-Lady K 



  2. I just saw her in mc

  3. Did anyone look up her site and see the review from a "client?"


    Added on November 30, 2013

    Body This Girl has curves that roll for days... Lips so plump.... whose grasp that pays.... Little Big Butt.... who knows how to bump... Backing it up... wanting your stump..... Tight little bug butt.... pressing up against your cock.... Pussy squeezing tight ... squeegy the shaft of your cock.... Still to be verified... is her love for the taste..... For every single drop that your cack can shoot paste.... Curious to her reaction.... in the moment when faced... Would she swallow it all or let it go to waste.... ANSWER US NOW... provide us no lies... Prefer inside your tummy or let the love die?

    1. OMGOMG this was the "poetic gent" she was speaking about?!"

    2. OMG Bahahahahahhahaha! Ah Lawd.

  4. Okay, as messed up as this is (and it really is), she should have known better than to post her profession on cm... Especially in a bitch group where those insane fucks are notorious for digging up people's shit. If it was really that big of a threat, she should have kept her mouth shut.

    I'm still calling that she's a huge troll. Otherwise I doubt Portia would be playing along and sending in ss of her messages. She's just trying to cause more drama and stir the pot.

    1. Portia didnt send anything in. It was posted in her group and the blogger SS it.

  5. This stalking and putting up personal shit is getting way out of hand. It's no longer Cafemom it's Stalkers r Us

  6. Oh noes. The whore is mad that she posted all about her whore self. Damn. Hate when that happens.

  7. Hahahahahaha sucks for her.

  8. Oh fake reviews sounds like a fun idea for ms musically cheap wine .

    And FYI there is NOTHING any lawyer could do. She's an idiot. Hahahaha

  9. Okay, I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing.

    Number one, if it was such a fucking secret, why the fuck would D.O.E. give the information to complete strangers ON THE INTERNET who have a reputation of STALKING PEOPLE, GAINING THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION, AND CONTACTING THEIR FUCKING FAMILIES?! Obviously DOE has quite a few screw loose, but unless she's completely and utterly psychotic to the point of needing to be institutionalized, common sense would dictate that she shouldn't share that sensitive information to these twat roaches. And, supposedly knowing all of this, she continues to contact the bitches like they're going to feel bad for what they've done? Everyone knows that those cunt crumpets don't have consciences.

    The point is that this is obviously fabricated bullshit orchestrated by none other that Portia Rose, and the fact that the only drama that seems to be making it onto this blog is coming from her group and her bitch minion groups (even the ones that supposedly "defected") should tell everyone that she is either one of the bloggers or at least a major contributor who has started pulling PC and the rest of the bloggers' strings. It's either one or the other, PC, and if you're letting that skank whistle pull your strings for cheap hits on your blog and more members for her quasi-satantic, pathetic excuse for a "cool girls' group", then I think a lot of us were wrong about you.

    1. Youre crazy. Portia wishes this was her fucking blog. Lol

    2. you're an idiot

    3. Aww, look, the little bitche is coming to defend her puppet master.

      PC already admitted in a recent post that her minions are not barred from working with the "ladies" in HOIR, so, like I SAID, they are likely in cahoots with Portia to get the inside scoop on the never ending troll fest that is HOIR.

    4. you're still an idiot

  10. I showed a few guy friends her pics and said what she did. They all said no way. They said she is a butter face. They said she may get some good money out of older guys who are desperate enough to need to buy. They said they could find better at last call at the bar. LOL

  11. yet another one whose brain is fucked up from drugs. Kids this is what happens when you do drugs...LOL whorelene when will you learn dearie?

  12. Cellulite is not her friend! Dayum!

  13. You people are so much more messed up than I am.
    Never in my life would I stoop so low as to blast somthing like this...I have been a cafemom member for what? 4? Years.
    I'm still me. I'm still the best mom I can be.
    I'm still a good person.
    You people...should be ashamed.
    Yes my sister in law saw this right here on the throne.
    The night before my husband's father's fight with cancer ended.
    You guys didn't just mess with MY life.
    Cafemom is out of control.
    I needed the support and advice of other women, who I have been 'friends' with for years.
    And whether you approve believe or not, this is my life.and you all the k nothing of fucking with it
    Karma is a bitch. And one day she will Find you.

    1. You should be ashamed for spreading your business like you do your legs.