Oh Em Gee, is this like, the Hoir and 504 only blog, or like what...

Every time I see a comment that says "I sent stuff in but it didn't get posted", I literally roll my eyes. It is an automatic response, I can't seem to help it.
Even worse it "How come ALL you post is ...."

Well minions, let me show you.

Conveniently the first page shows 1 week of submissions.

I'm not counting Eileen troll (even though it was a post in HOIR) or flower cow (even though THAT was a post in HOIR too)
so a hard 9 and a soft 11

504: 4
Doe: 1
MC crazy: 2
Blog stuff in MC: 1
Misc: 2

So out of 20 emails, how many are HOIR and 504 related?
I won't make you do the math. Just know it's a lot.

You want more MC stuff? Then go make a brilliant troll post and get back to me.
Where is Kitschy when you need her.

I did over look the war looney though. My bad.

I'm still waiting for someone to send my Stephy's 47 day fiance.


  1. Sassy hasn't been holding up her end of being entertaining of late. Kitschy just moved and has been busy. Sage was banned from MC under all her latest SN's and disappeared from CM all together. PoisonEyeV has also been boring lately. All of CM has been boring. The blogs just a reflection of that boredom.

    1. SageAdvice? Is that who you're talking about? She got banned? For what? That sucks, I liked her.

    2. Sage is now SappientQuaff from what I heard in MC

    3. WHAT?????
      Seriously....where were you last weekend when me and Anonymous- aka pennerb got into in 3 different posts that caused her to delete the Anonymous- SN and make the SpongeBong SN
      Anyway I just sent you the 2nd post of Stephys 47 day BF
      I will send the 1 st one in a minute

    4. There is no member called SappientQuaff. Maybe she's on vacation again. She always disappears for months at a time when she goes in any trip. She wasn't herself Sagie self lately. I know 2 of her grandchildren died recently and she turned mean as hell in MC. It was funny to watch but also shocking. I hope she comes back I like her to.

    5. Lol - I liked her too. She got called out in another group and vanished! 3rd sn that I know of.. She's doesn't try very hard to hide who she is. I didn't know that about her gc :(

    6. I'm back, and why hide who I am, I think it would be impossible anyway. LOL

      . I love you all too. LOL not that I know who most of you are as anon.

      I did not get banned from CM. LOL they love me too much for that.

      Find the oracle, and add me. Hugs ladies.


  2. Yeah I didn't think you would be able to decipher that crap. Idk what the he'll that was about

  3. Stephy is such a bad troll. Not even amusing at all.

  4. You couldn't possibly delete anything before taking screen shots. haha

  5. Kitschy is now heisenberg and as though you couldn't delete or move emails to spam to make it look like you only get this crap.

    1. Oh fucking please. I didn't have to address this at all.

    2. PC. Did you ever get that copy of the AV I had for you,.... "Always wear your secret crown?"