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  2. this comment= TL; DR. LMFAOMarch 29, 2014 at 1:30 AM

    Huh I just read a post about a step mom that was going to court because the bio filed a RO on her. But the judge denied it. Lemme see if I can find it again.

    M filed a protection order against me? UPDATE #3 ORDER DENIED!

    by Anonymous

    March 17 at 4:24 AM

    Including SS's school... 

    Oy. Just another thing to deal with. I just started a new job and this pops up.

    Btw. I volunteer in his class 1x a week, and am an event coordinator on the PTO at his school. Both pto members and school staff are willing to write a statement about my cordiallity towards BM and my involvement w the school.


    I have a friend who works as a federal paralegal in my state on cases alike this.

    She gave me pointers on what I need for trial, what evidence to provide.

    The teacher and pto president are writing declarations for me, along with a friend who has known DF since his son was 2. She has seen me interact with BM.

    I do not intend to make it about what BM does, but just that she does not have valid basis for a year or longer order against me. Whether we like it or not we are stuck together lol


    I am nervous but I have printed emails and texts out displaying that I attempt to be cordial with BM and texts of random stuff from me to her, IE.. made cookies for class, school cancelled cause of snow asking if she or her mom, SF and little sis would want any, me asking if she wanted to talk to DS. 

    I have emails from her calling me dumb, stupid, bitch, to shut the hell up, etc.

    The PTO president wrote a letter for me strictly about my imput at the school.

    I am just hoping something good will come of this, I had told DF before I recieved papers that she is like air to us, and that we must just ignore the things she does, unless of course it is harmful to their son then of course DF would step in.

    Update 3******************

    The order was denied because BM did not meet the burden necessary to finalize a protection order.

    The judge said that for an order to finalize against me being at her sons school, it would have to go to superior court, but even then the judge said that it would not be granted because it could effect the child.

    The judge told us that we need to set boundaries and understand that as long as one or the other is involved we should at the least be cordial when we HAVE to be around one another.

    BM said she didnt want contact w BF either and the judge said that will not work, the households need to have some communication. That provisions cannot be set on when I or BF can/can't contact her (she cannot have a no contact order that says we can contact only in emergencies.)

    I am relieved and trust that I will never IMAGINE even trying to converse with BM unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Time for us all to move on..

  3. This is minimom. The bm also made a post also, haha Here is the link

  4. BM calls her s/o "DF". SM of minimom's son is married to her s/o.