Brace yourself. Trainwreck ahead!

The Backstory...

Anonymous MC post made by DollFace:

Still confused? Here's the breakdown: 

DollFace's boyfriend is a drug dealer and laundered his money through a tanning salon that they own. The boyfriend received drugs and paid the dealer all through the mail (like a dumbass). Police intercepted $14k and raided their home looking for more money and drugs.

Shortly after the police raid, DollFace's home was broken into by three suspicious men while her boyfriend sat in jail. Her male "friend" (surrre) stayed back so she could escape and find help. Now, DollFace is considering telling the police everything about her boyfriends laundering "hobby" in order to save her own ass.


-Lady K


  1. Ouch. She's about to get fuuuuucked. People have gotten killed for less than 14 grand and if she snitches and takes down a bunch of people, they're gonna come looking for her. Yikes.

  2. Save my own ass duh. Tell on three you go free.

  3. And this one has kids? Awesome. Just because she's using a screen name doesn't mean she's anonymous. Idiot.

  4. When you are involved with the drug business, these are thevrisks you take. Sorry charlie. I don't feel bad for her, but poor kids.

  5. I hope her children are young and can be removed far far far away from this scum, with no real memory of her

  6. Someone should tell her that snitches get stitches!