Nightmare Affair

"I'm pretty pissed off to begin this.

On weds night I had a nightmare that my boyfriend of 47 days was cheating on me. (Dream was he had another girlfriend) So I woke up crying and called my sister saying I found out he was cheating. I explained it was because of my dream. She literally laughed and said go to bed. Okay now I don't even have family support.

I made a fake Facebook, email address, Pinterest, Instagram and fake phone number. I contacted him asking if he had a gf and he said no. Wtf? I contacted his friends to see if he was seeing his ex or if he had been seeing a girl. They all said no. I set up all my social media apps and uploaded pics and followed him on all of them to see each move he makes. He liked a girls status about the seahawks. So I added her and I've been stalking her. No news on her.

Anyway. I went to my counselor and broke down explaining my discovery. She said dreams don't predict our future so it meant nothing. But I showed her how I shake and get hives when I close my eyes to remember it. I know what he's up to. My body feels it. My heart feels it.

I prayed and asked Jesus to give me a sign that I was wrong. Then... It started raining. And I knew damn well that was my sign! He was indeed cheating. Rain=misery, cheating, lies and deception. So I went to him and asked him point blank- he denied dating anyone or ever cheating. He just had to add "you're not my girlfriend. I barely know you." That's rude! We've had sex and you know what that means! That we are dating.

It's still raining. I'm still crying. And he's still cheating. So I need to plan quick before he leaves me. I could fake being in the hospital to see if he cares. I could fake a pregnancy but where would I get his sperm to really impregnate me? I could follow him everywhere but that's illegal. I could talk to him but he blocked me on Facebook and changed his number.

I need you all to pray for sun. Sun=happiness, love, enjoyment, smiling. When you've prayed for us please let me know so I can send that up to Jesus. We need his love to be stronger. We need a positive pregnancy test. We need sun. And we need a family to not be broken. I love him. Please also pray that he will accept my marriage proposal.

Thank you."

-Lady Kerfuffle


  1. Holy shit...there is no fucking way someone can be this crazy. Right?! OMG...please be a troll psycho!

  2. well geez, if dreams were true, then I could probably get child support from Jake Gyllenhal

  3. Come on, ladies! This poor woman has invested (I think she said) her life and soul into this man and their committed, loving relationship.
    Those 47 days count! That's over a month and a half, God dammit!
    It's clearly a serious bond they have--I doubt /very few/ of us can even comprehend the depth of such an intense and pure love.
    *eye roll...blech...gag*

  4. I had dreams that told me the genders of my children when i was pregnant before the doctors could tell. every one was correct. However, someone should tell OP that in East Asia rain is good luck. most weddings are planned during the rainy season in the hopes of a blessed marriage.

    oh. and that she's a psycho. she really ought to know this as well. LOL!

  5. I hoe he runs far and fast.