My Valentines Day present is better than your Valentines Day present!

<3 Ahhh, the sweetness of Valentines Day. A holiday dedicated to love, lovers, and all things love. One day, CM is filled with cheatin' bastard husbands or PA filled hate posts. But for one day a year, we're able to compete the shit out of each other, because our husbands love us more than anyone elses husband out there!
This sweet story of the grandeur of love is so the winner of
"Best V-Day Gift Eva'"

Awwwww! How, cough, cough, gag, gag, blech....sweet!
Precisely, dear An0nym0use, precisely.

Hey Baby, Walgreens was closed on my way home, howz 'bout the gift of eternal spermies!
HYDKMU- How Your Dad Knocked Me Up- produced, directed, and written by Princess Persnickety

Can you get a refill on Super Big Gulps?

Barry White, candles, rose petals, a soft touch.... and wet sheets. How romantic!
Ughhh, yeah she does!

Shoosh! At least you can afford another baby! That's what was on everyones mind here!

Best quote of the post! Yes! Everyone destroys their terlets and aint no one wantin' to know 'bout that shit!

Happy V-Day Bishes! Muah!


  1. I often wonder who everyone's favorite admin blogger here is?

  2. If I knew who they were on CM I could give an honest answer......just saying, LMAOOOOOO