We're SOO Pathetic :(

Oh and Vixen, it took me less than 10-15 minutes to do this =)

Let's see how well this goes...

I think every agrees the picture blog was creepy...

Yes in fact the shit does go poof!
Haha! I like you! Oh and I don't knit, wouldn't even know how.
Ooh? Details PM me, ladyeileen2014@gmail.com!

Thank you <3


  1. Lmao she was very aggressive for a newbie! I wonder who she was in a 'past life'.

  2. I love the Throne! It catches me up if I'm not on for a couple days! Good job ladies!

  3. Holy shit!! I made it onto The Throne! LMAO and damn I talked to the Princess herself in the post! Sorry about hitting your tender spot!


  4. Dare I admit, I'm pretty in pink anon too! ::::wink::::

  5. Damn, I hate posting anon........ well, sometimes! Fixed it!

  6. Meh, I love your blog PC. Kept me in the loop when I didn't log on for awhile-Wydowness

  7. i like the throne...it shows me the posts i missed on cafemom lol

  8. I think vix is a fake. She seems to only hang in 2 groups and only replies to strange things.

  9. I tried knitting - it didn't go so well. Then I found the Throne.. Life is good!

  10. LOL Wow you are too easy to figure out. You all take Cafe Mom way too seriously :) Have fun. To those saying I am a fake get over it already. Cafe Mom is easy to figure out that a monkey could do this shit. Yeah I am random and post in only a few groups. That doesn't make me a fake.


    1. Well. for it all sucking so much u sure did get on here awfully fast to see if you made it!

      I'm currently catching up from an extended absence from CM. thanks to this blog its as if I've missed nothing. LOL!