Ummm, the plot like totally thickens, like for real!

(insert your best snobby gurrrl voice here)
While you were, like, sleeping, this BSC, like joined CM to look for this slore who told on her! So like, maybe I was "talking" to this other dude, but like, nothing happened. For realz! I totes swear!
But that bish better watch her, like, step, because I'm on the prowl for like justice! I'm totes gonna expose her whorish ways with these, like, totally random pictures of this guy.
So, like, watch out! You know who you are, bish!

 It's called Tineye. Use it yourself,'re trying to get a secret message out there....
Somethin' 'bout this guy....seems New Orleansish...
 Dude, Cheez Whiz? Don't you know what that shit does to the environment?
(but, damn, that's somethin' delish)

Or Stingrays, but that's not the important message here, is it?
(and anyway, 'baby' sharks are called pups, dipshit)

Oh! OK! Now we get where this is going!
(if it took you this long, you need to read CM archives, if not and you got it within the first post, you get a limited time offer, Persnicks Gold Star!
And, now, for the ever so eloquently delivered commentary!
Yeah! I was wondering the same thing! But B.devilgal is goin' for the CM Wow factor!
Come on Anon! You seriously don't know by now? Were you just birthed from the CM Newcomers Club or something!?
The answer we've all known, but thought OP would never dribble out of her cheatin' whore mouth!
Anon, don't be a dumb slur now!

My educated guess would be, Miserably.
(But that's fucking funny enough to use myself!)

OP, go to HOIR.
The House Of Crazy Bitches

Come on Anon, don't be coy! You know exactly who this chick is talking about!
Moral of the story:
Sharks do not=stingrays
and finally, you'll fit right in at HOIR!
Also! Thanks for finally giving me something to work with! CM has been dragging! I hope this means more fun ahead!


  1. If they're at the Gatlinburg aquarium, they have little sharks (bonnet heads I think) along with the rays. Just thought I'd throw that out there lol.

    I wonder if her account has been deleted yet lol. Ah the things I miss by doing things like sleeping

    1. She's apparently still a member. We'll see how long that lasts!

  2. Oh god that was to funny. Dumb slur.

  3. This annoys me only because of her screenname... I do not want my blue devils associated with this nutcase.


    1. I hear you Bex! I felt the same when I saw her screen name!

    2. Ditto bexi. Fucking a, leave our team out of this

  4. Oh this is getting GOOOOOD!!

  5. I am lost. Who is this supposed to be?

  6. Some chick that's looking for a member that blew her cheating ass in.
    She says 504. I normally could give two shits about her, but this was just served up on a silver plated platter!

  7. Lmao. This dude has so much "CM drama" and he ain't even know it.

    Fucking crazy bishes

    1. Literally fucking crazy bitches

  8. BTW- That's not cheez whiz. It's Kong for dogs.