Da Faq? Part 1

Da Faq birth control shit is this?
Who does this?

Not recommended that you yank this pregnancy preventing piece of equipment out yourself.
But, if you find yourself horny and bored on a Saturday night....
EDD- October 11th, 2014
Congrats OP!


  1. She's lucky she didnt hemorrhage. Jesus.

  2. someone did this a long time ago....it might even be the same picture.

  3. I pulled my mirena out about 3 years ago. I wouldn't recommend it because if it had embedded itself into your uterus, trying to remove it yourself could fuck you up bad. I had no problems taking it out though, it felt similar to taking a tampon out.

  4. Some people have issues and can't afford removal. The site gives you self removal direction. This blog is going down hill.

  5. Congrats Daddy! rofl