Awwwwww, don't poof your post OP!

Sometimes, you just gotta keep on feedin' that troll! One too many a call out and no more funz :(
Well then! By all means, continue to stuff your sweet angel full of cholesterol and heart disease because it's Christmas!

Damn! Stop starving your kid Wonderstruck!

Yep, Pervs we all are! Cause ain't nothing hotter to an internet predator than this shit!

Hot Flaming Cheetos, anyone?


  1. It was Skellybird. The Vixsins have some dumb "lets troll MC" contest going, winner gets a siggy

  2. I'm in it for the screen shots lol

  3. Lol, yup my baby is anorexic. You can tell by looking at the nice round Buddha belly that she has lol.

  4. You guys know these are troll posts, yet you continue to hang on every word and blog it anyway?

    Jesus. That's pretty fucking lame, girls.

    1. I love entertaining troll posts!
      Not everything needs to be high drama.