While you were sleeping....

Breaking News Bitches!
While we were sleeping last night, CM's newest drama filled soap opera continued on with pure cinematic style!

Henry saved her life twice! (Over Skype!)

Come on now!! This is "real" love! These two won the Nigerian Lottery of Love!

 They're one big happy, illegal family!

Someone just had an epiphany!

OMG! If someone emails her and gets more of the story, I will do a happy dance and never post on your future posts!! Email me yo!
Just send me $5000 and I'll Send you back $3000 of it!


  1. She puts "Martha" to shame. That's a lot of fuckery for one person.

  2. Wait, is he from Spain or Nigeria?

  3. Lmao...wut.

    No part of her story makes sense. Bored ass troll

  4. There is so much wrong with this story I wouldn't doubt if SHE was from Nigeria and is trying to scam CM members...

  5. Persnickety, you crack me up. I think you're my favorite.

  6. Replies
    1. Oh, there is such a thing as a fiancé visa. It used to be called a K-3 visa. Not sure what letter/number it is now because they are always changing things. Whoever this troll is, she did her homework. lol

  7. Some one call Nev

    1. Lol! I just watched my favorite Catfish A couple nights ago! The Bow Wow one!!

  8. So he's from spain or nigeria?