The Good, The Bad, and The Disgustingly Deviant!

Sorry it's been so long my little lassie loos! The gift of Christmas plague recently struck the Persnickety household! After nearly a week of cleaning up barf and snots, things are back on track! I've instructed my sweet little disease carriers to spread the germs to the next family for the holidays!
So, returning today, I've found some lovely new members that appreciate my penchant for stirring the downright dirty pot of CM!

 Disclaimer, the following responses may cause you to upchuck your have been fore warned my darlings!
A Multitasking Dirty Girl....Rrrrrrrr!
Awwww man! That's just god damn wrong on so many levels!
Color me fucking speechless on this one! Clean or not, aint no decent woman's tongue is gon' be licking no mans shit exit!
That had to hurt! :(

Peeing seems to be incredibly deviant on CM! No scrubbing is going to clean the nastiness I just read here!
Drumroll please.......The most deviant response of all, because we've all wanted to do this to some jerkoff douchebag, or maybe we have and won't admit it.....
Finger Licking Good!!!!



  1. Can you choose a different text color, Persnickety? It's really hard on my eyes, I literally can't read it.

    1. its just fine....shut the eff up

    2. or maybe Princess changed it to the white font after Exile posted this. Quit being a bitch just to be a bitch

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It kills my eyes every time. I can't get through it most times lol

  3. Sooo the one who seduced a priest...did she dress up as a little boy?

  4. UGH this blog crashed every time I update my windows 8. Anyone have any ideas how I can resolve that? Even in compatibility view it's bad. And No, stop coming to the blog, isn't an option. lol

  5. Replies
    1. It's disgusting, frankly....I don't think you want to know!

    2. It's where one person pretends to be a child or a 'little.' I can't wrap my head around it.