Thank you .....or not for smoking.....

Yay! For smoking!
(FTR: I don't smoke, but it is still a right where I come from. Dude, suck it up or move.....All I'm gonna say!)

Shit! Bishes be hatin!
Man! Shit! No one agrees with ya!


Sure! sounds about reasonable! Right?

For Fucks Sake! I grew up in the 70's! My mother smoked pot, tabaccacky, and drank while I was renting out her uterus! I turned out FINE!
How I wish this soulless bish wasn't anon!

Yeppers! Sociopathic!!!

Merr' Chrismas! Here be the message!


  1. People should keep their habits and behaviors confined to their living spaces. If she's paying for a smoke-free apartment, it should be smoke-free. End of story.

    1. From the sound of it they're both black and menthols do kill quicker.

  2. They are either on a shared air system or the ventilation system sucks. Either way, she should be mad at herself for picking such a crappy apartment haha.