Keister, tush, derriere, posterior, backside, heiny, rump.....

His anaconda don't want none unless you got asses...
Oh yes! So lucky to have read the entire post on asses! Complete with ass selfies!
So make yourself a sammie, put the kids to bed, and get ready for an
Asstastic Voyage my friends!

Her ass is obviously starving! It ate her underwear! (and no! Those are not pimples! They are birthmarks!)

What a waste of a good cream pie!
Everyone join in now! Lets have an Ass Party!

The "I Should Join the Roller Derby" ass

The "Dear, You Seem To Have TP Stuck In Your Ass" Ass

The "I Think This Is Really A Vag" Ass

The "Hills and Valleys" Ass

The "Let Me Bend You Over My Desk In A Porn Movie" Ass

The "My Ass Really Isn't This Big, But I Know How To Work A Camera Angle" Ass

The "Holy Shit! I Gotta Pee!" Ass

Double Feature Here!
The "Ummm, You Left Something In There" Ass
The "Fucking Ass Didn't Make The Bed Before He Left" Ass

The "What The Fuck Is On Your Ass" Ass

The "Don't Bash My Ass, Even Though I'm Gonna Plaster This Ass All Over The Internet" Ass

The "This Is How You Work That Ass With A Carrot In The Background" Ass

This Ass could go two ways...
The "My Tag Is Hanging Out" Ass
The "I Copied And Pasted This Ass From A Victorias Secret Catalog" Ass
And finally.....
The "Ass He Showed His Brother" Ass
Moral of the story ladies,
Don't make an "ass" of yourself and put your "ass" all over CM. Because more than likely, someone's gonna call out your "ass".


  1. Hills and Valleys looks like Barbie from the back lol

  2. Ugh those o's ass of that post made me gag and the comments made me laugh

    1. Op's. Damn it I hate auto correct.

  3. The comments made this post so much better. Birthmark...lmao. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

  4. It's a shame so many apparently felt so inadequate as to have to bend, arch, etc their bodies to make their asses look even somewhat good.

  5. Aww I missed this post completely!


  6. Wow. One person posted 3 desperate pictures? Damn.

  7. Is that a KA on her ass? Wtf?