I laughed so hard, I almost sharted!

Yeah, so it's not the post that made me laugh, because it's just an AMA post. Those post are annoying as hell, but sometimes, sometimes, there will be that one response that makes you nearly crap your drawers!

Just your everyday, normal boring AMA post....

Here ye! Here ye! The Vagina Circus has come to town!

Damn gurrrrllll! What part of town you from?

A tad on the harsh side.....

Wait for it! Wait for it!
Best effin' response all night!
(maybe it's the Nyquil I took an hour ago, maybe it's the lack of oxygen from my constant coughing from the plague. But, msjaxon nearly made me shart from laughing so hard!)

Then.....The MC Buzzkill, the one that has no fun in her life and is incapable of comprehending sarcasm....

Pardon me, while I go change my pants.


  1. I thought the clown car comment was funnier.

    1. Clown car's played out

  2. MsJaxon hasn't been that funny in an age!

  3. OMG! LMAO! Damn it! I have to start investing in the Huggies wet wipes stock. I had to use more than two to clean my screen and keyboard. ( spewed coffee when I choked on my laughter ) And UGH! I woke me kid up, I was so loud. The clown car comment might be played out, but sometimes it's simply the perfect come back! And the prayer, duct tape and spit comment was fantastic!

  4. OH man! Ms.Jaxon should win some kind of award for best response EVER!!!!

  5. Lmfao. I love jaxon.