Elite Dicks on the Case!

 Some CM'ers just hate it when the MC Elite Detectives get on their case! Someone give this girl some advice on going anon!
   Cue the CM Elite Detectives!  Relax Folks! It's made up!
        The undeniable proof yo....

 Someone got Busted!

Seriously? What did an innocent tater do to you to be brought into your crazy mess, guuuurl!?


  1. Someone fill me in on what race has to do with this!

    1. Isn't that amy winehouse as her avi? Tisha hughes is black I believe. Unlike her avi. She's a dumbass though. She's always making replies and posting shit to rile ppl up

    2. I think she's black and the fingers in the original picture are white. At least I think that's the point she was trying to make with that comment. Lol

  2. I think the ring is cute lol. I like small jewelry.

  3. Holy fuck that was dumb.