WHA?????????? DAFAQ????????
Turkey bacon sucks! Just sayin'! That's like saying tofu is a good substitute for cheese!
Thank goodness for the anon!
Yep! Completely Blasphemous!
Tell them to write me! Ill supply the matches!
You're speakin for realz FairyJester!! For realz!
Let's be friends imthatgirl! We're on the same page!


  1. I actually like turkey bacon more than regular bacon.
    But to ban bacon entirely? Hell no!

  2. I read a study recently that stated that bacon is like heroin- you have to keep increasing the amount you intake in order to become satisfied.
    True story. Look it up.

  3. Bacon really does suck, though. I'm never going to feed my kid that. She can eat it when she buys it herself...when she's 40.

  4. I hate regular bacon. Turkey bacon is the only kind I eat or cook.

  5. Yuck gross at turkey bacon. They supposedly have turkey ham now. NO NO NO bacon and ham are pork and any other variation is DISGUSTING!!

    revolt! Lol

  6. We just don't buy it here. no one likes it. but to ban it? that's just pathetic. and makes the chances greater that they will overeat it later in life. Failed planning there :-/

    1. This is such bullshit. Where do people even get this stuff from?
      Anyone who has been even the tiniest bit educated on proper nutrition isn't going to overeat something just because their parents didn't buy it for them when they were kids. Understanding WHY, they're actually that much less likely to care to try it.

    2. People tend to overdue it when they are deprived of anything their whole lives. watch children who get sugar for the furst time. or TV. chances greater to build self control when you are given a variety of options and taught about responsible choices as a child as opposed to just taking everything away.

  7. My daughter loves turkey bacon. But only because it looks like cartoon bacon lol

  8. I don't like bacon. I'll eat it occasionally, but it's not my favorite. I prefer sausage, ham, or fried bologna.

    I've never tried turkey bacon, the name grosses me out. Lol