Q: I sent something in...

and you didn't post it. Why?

A: Could be any number of reasons.  Here are some examples.

I thought it was stupid.

A bunch of other people also sent the same thing.

It was 504 related and I was in a pissy mood.

I honestly forgot all about it.

Its already up on another blog. I hate repeats.


  1. I do what I want! I don't get it people say they don't want 504 drama but everyone still reads it, I'm even guilty of it at times. I love The Throne, people don't need to be telling you how to run your blog. Input is great! I love getting messages and questions but there's always that one overly pushy person. They need to go start a blog and see how much effort it takes to catch and post everything while keeping it current. I'll always be a Throne fangirl. :)

    1. Nobody has told her how to run her blog. They asked a question, my goodness..

  2. Ummm, yeah. People really don't need to be telling you how to run your own blog! They can start their own blog if they feel that way. I am sure it takes a lot of time and work. Good luck to them! lol

    I totally get it with the whole 504 thing. She is so irritating sometimes you can't stand it and want nothing to do with it, yet other times she makes it so easy to laugh to at her because she is such a dumbass.