Reader suggestion: and after that we will all hop on our unicorns and go nibble on some cotton candy clouds.

I literally laughed out loud when I read this.

I think you should offer 504 a deal. If she deletes her cafe account, you take down all the stuff about her and her family.

Well she would never ever do that lol
Her pride is more important than any embarrassment she might bring down on her family. She's said many times before nothing will "run her off" and she will stand her ground.
Its a very interesting idea though...


  1. If she deletes her account, she'll just make a new one. Honestly, I love reading her drama. Not so much the stuff that's posted ABOUT her but more the shit she posts herself. So many lies and contradictions, its nice to read drama when its not your own.

  2. Her pride is more Important than her kids. That's not going to happen