Reader Question, Ads and CliffsNotes

I see that Cliffsnotes now has ads. How do you feel about that? Will the Throne ever have ads?

No, The Throne will not have ads, for a few reasons.

One, I just don't have the time to dedicate to the blog for it actually make money.

Two, I get a lot of (much appreciated) email submissions and I don't think it would be fair for me to profit from something that someone else is sharing.

Three, well most of the things posted here come from Confessions and thats a group that you don't even need to be a member of CafeMom to see. Its public.

Four, blogs like this one are already against the CafeMom Terms of Service. If I were to make any real money from this, I'm pretty sure some CM lawyers would come knocking on my door, lol. Technically anything you post on CafeMom is now their property. If I were to make money off of their property that would make waves and I don't like swimming.

Also, as a minor point, bloggers that sign up with ad-sense can not have adult content on their blogs.

Now as far as what CN wants to do, that's her business. If she can make a little pocket money doing what she does, more power to her.

Now, I've also gotten some comments and a few emails about CN saying she's copying/out doing/whateverwhatever.
I don't care. Honestly, her blog has a totally different subject matter than this one.
Her's is more of a "here's what you missed" and this one has always been drama based.
If you're following train wrecks this is where you go, if you missed a day or two in Confessions, you go there.

Stop acting like we're in a blogger deathmatch lol


  1. I'm glad you don't feel I'm copying you. I've always liked your blog and mine is just what it says it is. Cliffs notes. The posts that people were reading and maybe talking about and a few comments from the post in case you missed it. 504, and the drama girls are all up much too late at night for me. That's your territory. If Cafemom wants to come take my $3.00 away, I'll give it to them without a fight.