Layout changes

I've been messing with this shit all night and now I have a headache, so you get default until I can find something that doesn't suck

Enjoy :P

I'm also going back through all 315ish posts to make sure the tags are right, adding them, removing some etc.

Basically this next few days is blog maintenance.
Please keep sending stuff in though!


  1. I like this layout much better! Keep it.

  2. Whatever you do please keep the background dark, it's so much easier to read! Thanks :)

  3. I like the new look. Good job, Princess Consuela. I think this site is slightly more interesting than the main one where we are censored and all the good posts get deleted. lol

  4. I like it. The pink font on the links is nice :)

  5. I like the colors and agree the darker is easier to read. The only thing I do not like is that the labels to the right is hard to read..small text and they seem to run together.

  6. Is your last name Bananahammock?


    1. I've been found out!!!
      Damnit to hell.
      Crap Bag isn't gonna like this one bit.

  7. I dunno how much I like it. Having to view the images separately sorta sucks and the background is waaay white and bright, but it won't keep me from reading.

  8. Disregard last comment. Just hitting the more button makes everything fine. Should have looked through more clearly instead of being all bleary eyed.