1. That explains why a lot of attractive people like heAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm sorry. I couldn't even finish that one.

    Not even the attractive people like that vile bitch.

  2. Read as: the prettier you are the more I hate you because I'm a washed up cumbucket. The only thing men find so attractive about me is I'll drop my pants for anyone with a vowel in their name.

    1. Someone is jealous and it isn't Jenna that's actually very true if you think about it imam ex brittney28 gumdrop

  3. Oh my God, she thinks everyone is envious of her. She is mental. I do not think I'm ugly, and I can't stand her. I used to stick up for her (as many other's did as well until her stupid shit like this plus a hell of a lot more made people dislike her), and it's NOT her fucking looks! Damn, girl is SO stuck on herself. You could list a million reasons why people would not like someone like her and she will ignore those obvious truths and try to make this in to a "I'm probably prettier than you and you must hate on me because of THAT." All I can say is BULL SHIT. Lol