I need a designated train wreck watcher

Gettin' real tired of reading her shit.
I need someone that can take screenies of 504's shit (paint is fine or any mobile app that let's you crop), crop them and post them to blogger. You'll need a gmail account.
You don't need a computer, a tablet or smart phone is fine. Blogger has a really good mobile app.
If you think this is something you can do ( and be anonymous about it) email me at thecmthrone@gmail.com

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  1. I will email you what I can. There was a post last night where thedoctorswife asked people what the meanest thing they've ever had said to them. Stork who is one of the sweetest people on the site said someone told her because of her infertility troubles she was a genetic deadend and should kill herself because she was a waste of earths limited resources (due to not having biological children) . 504 liked it.