Perfection yall

Except she's said before that her boobs hang down to her bellybutton without a bra.


  1. I sent this in. I'm glad it got put up. How frieking self absorbed do you have to be to call your body perfection? Not to mention later she goes on to say everyone's men want to screw her. Can't stand her.

    1. She is still going on about it. This is the shit I'm talking about
      Lmaoooo you're PATHETIC! my nose is perfect! I've had a plastic surgeon tell me I have a perfect nose. Yall look for ANYTHING to hate on even where it doesn't exist. It's soooo sad.

      Quoting Anonymous:

      Neither are you. You just like to think you are. Because everyone be hatein and jealous of you and you butter face or that big nose and high five forehead lol.

  2. SO that's what Justin Bieber will look like in a few years!!

  3. LMFAO at Klingon!

  4. I'm just curious...If a plastic surgeon was telling her her nose was perfect, why was she seeing a plastic surgeon anyway? Lol! Also, she lies and says she isn't self absorbed but she always comments on herself. Even her Myspace she was like My hair is amazing, I look so good! Blah, blah etc. and when she described the perfect woman she literally described exactly how she looks.

  5. Honestly, all hating aside, I've always thought her nose was big and kind of unshapely. I highly doubt a plastic surgeon told her it was perfect.(A nose like Angelina Jolie's is more noted as "perfect" by PS's. You know, Real one's. Not hood one's who are probably black market). Also, I wasn't aware chicken legs, a flabby ass, and tube sock boobs (her words) were perfection. I could go on with that too.