Let's count them....

Always show your work.

Let's round up, so 44%.
Thats not 90.
Oh, but this makes one more!
so... its really 44.18604651162791%


  1. You should balance it out by posting the Elyce stuff! LOL

    1. I wish people would send them in! lol
      I'm rarely on CM anymore. I really need to look into a co-blogger :(

    2. I wish I had some :( posts were poofing pretty quickly tonight! I like when Elyce and Kitschy started fighting, those two are gonna be at each other for a good while lol.

    3. What were Elyce and Kitschy fighting about? I'm super disappointed to have missed it!

    4. Elyce was calling Kitschy a stalker because she thinks Kitschy posted her address on CM. kitschy lost her anon button for reposting a photo of Elyce's house, but denies posting the address.

  2. All of the Elyce stuff is on cafe mom fail. It is hilarious.

  3. Okay, so what exactly has been proven here? Is Elyce lying or are people just looking for anything they hope is a lie?

    I'm going over to Cafemom fails since there's apparently even more info over there. This is getting interesting.