Dear Jenna

This was sent in by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

Dear Jenna,

I see the post all the time about how all your "friends" screwed you over, when in REALITY it was one person. How we all ganged up on you, when in REALITY it was 3 or 4 people. You think we had all this proof as to who the person that sent your texts and messages in was, but we don't. We didn't. We have no clue who it was. You've thrown away good friendships from people that had stood by you during all your shit storms. You're solo now, and you say that's the way it has to be. Well, its not my fault, it wasn't your friends' fault. Its yours. You let the actions of one person ruin friendships that were 2 years old. You accused people that had never done anything but be there for you, and even when you tracked IP addresses and found a location, didn't apologise to the people you accused who so obviously lived no where near that place.

They say its lonely at the top, I guess its lonely at the bottom too. Enjoy, but stop telling people that ALL your friends fucked you over, because in the end YOU fucked most of THEM over.

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  1. Why would any sane person be friends with that train wreck?