How to lose your anon button in 10 days (detailed steps)

  1. Post nothing but memes. No words ever. Only use these artful little gems to express all your opinions, thoughts and wishes. (Ok it might not cost you your button, but man is it ANNOYING. Party on.)
 2. Start a blog :)

3. Make a post calling out another member. Then when its deleted make a post titled Poof and whine about it being deleted. Then when THAT one is deleted, make another one saying that fat people on food stamps should only be allowed to buy bread and water.

4. Make 7 polls in a row asking if the bathing suit you bought 3 years (and 40 pounds ago) makes you look fat.

5. Find the most well like member (good luck with that) and just start making up stuff.

PurpleRainbowGhostMaidenFrogLover is on food stamps! I saw her card at the check out!
PurpleRainbowGhostMaidenFrogLover drives an Escalade!
PurpleRainbowGhostMaidenFrogLover bottle props!
PurpleRainbowGhostMaidenFrogLover formula feeds!
PurpleRainbowGhostMaidenFrogLover circ'd her dog!

6. Post FIRST! in every post, even if you're the 235th poster.

7. Type "Lick my -insert favorite body part- in all the posts that are really asking for help.

8. Post nothing but creepy clowns. In every single post. 

9. Answer your own Anon posts.

Have any to add??


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